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Chemical formula Glycerin: C3H5 (OH) 3


Appearance Glycerol: Clear liquid glycerin, colorless. Odorless.


Glycerol is in both industrial and edible types.


Glycerol is a three-factor alcohol and dissolves in any proportion in water.


Glycerol is dissolved in ethanol and organic solvents,


Glycerol is a sweet, clear, colorless, odorless and sticky substance.


Glycerol turns into an odor-smelling aldehyde with loss of water.


Glycerol has three hydroxyl groups that are responsible for dissolving Glycerolin water.


Glycerin, in combination with fatty acids, creates fat.


Glycerol has the therapeutic properties of topical skin agents and is produced in the form of leucine and suppository.


Application of glycerin



pharmaceutical Industries


Glycerolused in the pharmaceutical industry, and because Glycerolkeeps moisture at the skin's surface, it is used to produce cream lotions.


Glycerul as suppository is used as a laxative and softener to prevent constipation.



Detergents and cosmetics

Glycerolused in soap making for the production of transparent soaps and in health and beauty industries.




Free Glycerol                            Min. 80% 

Moisture                                Max. 10% 

Ash/Salt                                  Max. 8% 

Methanol Content                      Max. 1% 

MONG                                     Max. 4% 

Color                      Clear to dark brown



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