Boric acid

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Boric acid (H3BO3)

99.6% Min

Insoluble matter in water (dried)

0.010% Max

Sulfate (SO42-)

0.10% Max

Chloride (Cl-)

0.050% Max

Iron (Fe)



1.This product is widely applied in glass manufactured industry, it is possible to improve the thermostabilization, transparency and strength of the glass products.

2.It can improve fastness of the ceramics.

3.It may be used in medical industry.

4.It may be used in smelting, metal welding, leather and dye etc.

5.It can be used as antiseptics, such as preventing the wood septic.

6.It can be used as a boric microelement manure and a insecticide too.

7.It can be as various boride widely applied in national defense and scientific research departments


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