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Formic Acid



Formic acid Formula Formula : CH2O2

Appearance Formic acid: colorless liquid.

Synonyms of Formic Acid: Formic Acid, Methanolic Acid, Formalic Acid, Carboxylic Acid Hydrogen and Ant Ink.

Formic acid or Ant's ink is the simplest member of the carboxylic acid.

Formic acid can be found in the nature of ants and bee stings, as well as bestial matter in nettle leaves.

Due to the fact that for the first open form of formic acid they obtained, the ant was distilled, called formic acid.


Formic acid properties


Formic acid is well mixed with water and more organic polar solvents.

The hydrogen bonding of formic acid causes the gas phase to deviation from the ideal gas law.

Formic acid in liquid and solid form contains an unbroken network of molecules that are bonded to the hydrogen bond.

One of the properties of Formic Acid is that it can not produce Acid Chloride.

Heating the formic acid causes it to decompose on Co.


Application of Formic Acid


More than formic acid is used as a preservative (preventing corrosivity ) and antibacterial in livestock feed.

Formic acid in poultry is added to chicken foods to kill Salmonella bacteria.

The most dangerous formic acid is in contact with skin or eyes with a liquid or concentrated vapor.

 Skin contact with liquid or vapor causes chemical burns and may cause permanent damage to the eyes when in contact with the eyes. Vaporization of Formic Acid causes irritation and burning of the device. Since CO is present in formic acid vapor, it should be fully observed in the storage, transport and use of these safety precautions.


Formic acid analysis


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