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Hydrogen peroxide



 cas number: 7722-84-1

Chemical formula: Hydrogen peroxide: H2O2

Boiling point: Hydrogen peroxide: 150.2 ° C.

Dust Spot Hydrogen peroxide: 0.43 ° C.

Synonyms with Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Appearance Hydrogen peroxide: Colorless liquid and sometimes blue.

Hydrogen peroxide is a common oxidizing agent used as bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest of peroxides. In the past, oxygenated water was used as an antiseptic agent for dressing infectious ulcers, but Today, however, due to damage to adjacent tissues, it is no longer used in dressings, and is used only for disinfection of supplies or surfaces Hydrogen peroxide is used to remove organic matter and mineral substances that cause water damage to the pool.


Hydrogen peroxide is widely used in various industries for disinfection or dyeing.

Hydrogen peroxide is widely used in various industries for disinfection or dyeing.

Hydrogen peroxide is available in two models:

Hydrogen peroxide water (often used in factories that produce tetracap products)

 Industrial Hydrogen peroxide (Used for Painting and Disinfection in Different Industries)


Hydrogen peroxide  applications


Wash the wounds


Hydrogen peroxide  can be used to wash and diaphragm superficial injuries. In this case, the recommended formula should be up to 5%.


Whitening clothes


Hydrogen peroxide  can be a substitute for chemical bleaches. To whiten the clothes, it is enough to pour a cup of oxygenated water into the water and soak the clothes there. This substance is very effective and immediate to remove blood spot.


Treatment for foot fungi


For the treatment of repeated fungal problems in the legs and fingers, it is recommended that a solution of half the oxygen and a half water be used. At night, moisten the feet for a few minutes, then dry completely.


Mouth and gums mouthwash


The use of Hydrogen peroxide  as a solution for oral and teeth is very effective and cost effective. Of course, care should be taken not to swallow because it may cause internal stimulation. In addition to cleansing and oral cleansing properties, Hydrogen peroxide  can also help in the treatment of gum inflammation and throat infections. It is recommended to use its pure state to eliminate inflammation, but in the case of gargle, it should be mixed with half the amount of water and do not last for several seconds.


Whitening teeth


If you use Hydrogen peroxide  as a regular mouthwash, you will notice that over time, your teeth are whiter than before.


Improve skin patches


Hydrogen peroxide  is great for removing skin blemishes. To monitor its effect, it should be used regularly within two weeks. It is recommended to use cotton-impregnated cotton on skin spots, except for the surrounding area, as it may cause irritation.


House cleaning


Pour 50 ml of 3% Hydrogen peroxide  into the usual dishwashing liquid and see the extraordinary effect of cleaning the dishes. To clean the meat board and remove bacteria, make a mixture of 3% Hydrogen peroxide  with the same amount of vinegar. Also, to clean and disinfect the bathroom and toilet, mix this type of Hydrogen peroxide  with an equal amount of water.


Hair brightening


Many hair care products contain Hydrogen peroxide  Hair brightening is gradually seen. Do not overcharged because it may not have a very good effect.


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