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Mono-glyceride chemical formula: C21H42O4

Appearance of monoglyceride: white powder.

Mission Names of Monoglycerides: Glycerol and Mono Glycerol.

Monoglyceride, these compounds include mixtures containing mono- and di-esters of edible oils and edible fatty acids, or fatty acid-forming edible fatty acids. The commercial products available in terms of consistency, fluid to hard rubber, vary in color from yellow to cream. Mild and insoluble in water. As a dough enhancer, emulsifier, flavoring, lubricant, softener, stabilizer, surfactant, tissue and thickener in bakery products (fermented with yeast). It should be noted that all of them are classified in GRAS 1.



Monoglyceride Application



Mono-glyceride is used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cosmetics and food industries such as ice cream production, cheese, pizza cheese, pastry, cream, pasta, macaroni, halvah, etc. To reduce fat, improve the quality and lasting use. .


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