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Industry Reference Materials (IRMs), used for a number of test methods under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D11, are prepared according to ASTM D4678, "Preparation, Testing, Acceptance and Documentation for Industry Reference Materials (IRM)". Refer to this for details not covered in this document. Candidate materials that are intended as IRMs are tested and accepted on the basis if (1) homogeneity of the lot and (2) an Accepted Reference Value or AR-value, for the appropriate properties for any IRM. The AR-value is the test value that should be obtained (within specified limits) for the selected one or more properties. AR-values are of two types: Global AR-values, obtained as an average (with specified 3 s limits) from an interlaboratory test program and Local AR-values, obtained as an average (with specified 3 s limits) for the laboratory involved with the preparation and testing.

Evaluation of the IRM
This lot of stearic acid is a Local AR-value IRM. It was produced in June 1998 by Henkel Corp. and the blending was done by Akron Dispersions, Inc. Homogeneity testing was conducted via the procedures as outlined in ASTM D 4678 Annex A.3 on the basis of Acid Number analysis via ASTM D1980-91, for eight individual samples taken from the beginning to end of the lot production. The lot was declared to be homogeneous using the procedure as outlined in Annex A.3. The Local AR-value for Acid Number as obtained for the homogeneity testing is given below. Two secondary properties, Iodine Number and heavy metal content were deemed important and an analysis was conducted for Iodine Number via ASTM D1959-89 and for heavy metal content via ICP Atomic Absorption on a composite stearic acid sample obtained by blending all individual homogeneity samples.

Local AR-value
Acid Number (D1980-91) +/- 3s= 194.36 +/- 0.38

Secondary Property
Iodine Number (D1959-89) +/- 1s= 0.56 +/- 0.29
Heavy metals (Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Zn) Each less than 10 ppm
(The 3 s limits are based on 15 DF; 1 s limits are approximate, 3 DF)

Supplementary Information
Store this IRM in a cool dry location; it is expected to remain stable for a period of five years. A full 'Research Report', documenting all the analysis for this IRM, is on file at ASTM Headquarters, 100 Barr Harbor Dr., W. Consholhocken PA, 19428 USA.

Ordering IRM-021 Stearic Acid
This IRM is available for purchase in the following way:

IRM-021 Stearic Acid, 3200 grams per carton
1 Carton containing 4 bags (800 grams each) .


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