Trisodium phosphate

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Trisodium phosphate



cas number:0101-89-0

The chemical formula of trisodium phosphate: Na3PO4

Appearance of trisodium phosphate: solid white powder.

Tri-sodium phosphate has two light and grained grades.

Sodium phosphate is a mineral compound.

Tri-sodium phosphate is a chemical emulsion. Tri-sodium phosphate is a strong alkaline substance with a pH of 12 and is easily soluble in water. Sodium phosphate is used Sodium phosphate is used to improve the texture of the cheese and maintain the viscosity of the milk and prevent the separation of the blue phase in the frozen milk, and also the tri-sodium phosphate is used in the manufacture of rubber, detergents and photo printing. In washing powder, it eliminates the hardness of the water, and is also considered a good preservative. It is also used as a moisturizer.extensively in the food industry.


Types of Tri-Sodium Phosphate


Industrial Tri-Sodium Phosphate


Tritium industrial phosphate with 12 molecules of crystalline water is used in many industries, including water treatment - steam boilers (evaporation) - washing powder industry and ....


Oral Tri-Sodium Phosphate


Tri-sodium phosphate is a white, pure, pure pink pure powder, and it's pure pure powder is very suitable for oral and hygienic use. Oral Tri-Sodium Phosphate


It is also used as a preservative and consumed in meat and canned food.


Application of tri-sodium phosphate in drug treatment


Sodium phosphate for pharmaceutical use to adjust calcium serum concentration, free effect on open acid balance, increased H + ion renal secretion, excretion of parasites and toxic anti-cream medications, before or after treatment with some anti-cream medications, facilitate and collect The stool is used for parasitic experiments.


Application of Tri-Sodium Phosphate in Detergents


As a detergent, it is used in toothpastes and to get water hardness.

Most of the consumer industries of this chemical include detergent manufacturing plants, water treatment plants, food industries, ceramics, minerals, petrochemical industries and paper industry.




Industrial Grade

Food  Grade


Main content

98.0% MIN

98.0% MIN


Phosphorus pentoxide

18.3% MIN

18.3% MIN


Chloride as CI

0.3% MAX

0.02% MAX


Sodium oxide as Na2O

15.5%-19% MAX

15.5%-19% MAX


Sudfate as SO4

0.5% MAX

0.5% MAX


Heavy metal  as Pb


0.001% MAX


Arsenic  as As


0.0003% MAX 


Fluoride as F


0.005% MAX


Water insoluble

0.10% MAX

0.10% MAX


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